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BroCrates has a fully stocked selection of savory foods complete with top-shelf liquors, premium craft beers, and much more. You will get to choose cured meats, gourmet cheeses, select kettle chips, and tons of other treats. Our grub gifts for men are perfect presents for an afternoon with the bros or even family dinners with your male relatives. Get any of our grub gift crates delivered to Canada and straight to your home for your convenience.


Grub Gift Ideas for Your Friend: Well, who doesn’t enjoy delicious foods. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out what to give your friends for their birthday. Get them an extraordinary grub gifts for men. They are going to love like cured meats, gourmet cheeses, and much more. With a chosen collection of mantastic treats that are just right for his appetite, he’s sure to owe you one for this feast fit for a beast!

Grub Gift Ideas for Dad: Dad has a big appetite! Make sure this year, for Father’s Day, give him delicious, gourmet, and manly foods like beef jerkies, cured meats, and much more delivered straight to your home. Dad will appreciate all of this treats on his special day. Get any of our grub gifts for men delivered to Canada.

Grub Gift Ideas for Co-Workers: Are you looking for an outstanding gift that is going to impress someone at the office? Our grub gifts for men would make the perfect present for a co-worker or a great addition to your work office parties. Get any of our grub gift crates delivered to Canada for your convenience. You can customize and upgrade with treats to share with everybody.

Grub Gift Ideas for Boyfriends: Looking for a great gift idea for your husband or boyfriend? BroCrates’ Grub Gifts for Him are the perfect way to indulge your man with the best of meaty, gourmet goodness. With a Gift Crate filled with treats, enough to make a feast fit for a king, you’ve definitely found the way to your man’s heart. And yes, it is indeed through his stomach!

Grub Gift Ideas for Your Brother: We have the best gift ideas for you brothers at BroCrates. Our grub gifts for men might just be his favorite gift. Afterall, who doesn’t like gourmet foods like cured meats, fine cheeses, and more paired with rich wines, top-shelf liquors, and much more. Get any of our grub gift crates delivered across Canada.