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Reviews - Brocrates Gift Crates

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The cupcakes weren't the flavour chosen and were squashed. Otherwise delivery arrived as promised.

I've never got the strawberries

I have never received the strawberries, not even the plate though I got charged.

Not as advertised, customer service not helpful

Order this Woof to Drink as a gift for my mom who loves dog as would get a kick out of the dog drinking wine. The entire gift basket was different then advertised. Although they say in the terms and conditions that they can substitute any items in if they run out, literally nothing that was advertised in the basket I ordered was actually in what was received AND they did not ship the dog. The dog was the whole point of the order. For over $100 you can certainly get much more value and accuracy and respect from another company.

Birthday hamper

This was NOT what I ordered. Cup cakes were chocolate not strawberry as requested. I specifically requested a green jute bag and got a basket. I was not asked if the various changes were agreeable. I would have expected to be asked . I shòuld be provided with a list of actual shipped items. Dissapointed.

We did not get the correctextra items that we ordered and items were mixed in the wrong baskets and the blue cheese blew up all over the one box so we can't even use the crate .

Not what i ordered

I ordered the Snuggle Bug Baby Girl Gift Basket which was suppose to come with a Wooden muskoka chair with bunny shaped back rest. Instead it came in a wicker basket, no chair. I had also ordered 2 items to be embroidered on a large bear and this as well, was not done, which I paid for. They stated their production department replaced them with the closest available alternatives at the time, which to me seemed incomparable. I was very disappointed. If the recipient of the basket had not sent me a picture thanking for the basket, I would never have known the order they received was not what I ordered.

The crate was broken - but it's all good!

The goodies were terrific, but the crate was broken when it arrived. I assume that was a shipping issue, but I bought it for the crate opening experience and my pops had to fight with it to get it open.

I gave this 3 stars- not 5

My son in Australia said they were delicious however the gift got there 3 days too late.

Not worth it

I order a beer a year and one other thing. It was a pain to order it, also it was for a bday party. Only the beer came and the other part came later so that was point less. I would never come and order from this site again. I told family and friends about this site and a few were going to order for Father’s Day but they all changed minds once I told them what happened. Also it took days for emails and when u ask to speak to someone no one calls. Never again.

Not a dependable company

I ordered a basket and it didn't show up. If this is important to you, go with another company.

Basket delivery

Basket looked fantastic on the website (I never got to see the actual basket). Whole website had nice options and nicely laid out. Liked that I could select the wine. Delivery took longer than I expected.

Order# HC294222


Thank you for giving me an opportunity to comment. Please see below from the point when the order was placed.

• Online chat was very impressive before placing an order but once the order was placed no one bother to respond, although site was showing “we are online”
• I received an email after placing an order that due to system error, my card was charged for an extra amount (without telling me how much it was). I responded to your accounting department that overpayment will be sorted out later buy kindly deliver the order on 04 Jun but I didn’t get any feedback till today.
• Your accounting department asked me to provide them all my credit card details via email, which should not be the case as these days’ high level secured institutions are not safe so not sure how strong your email system is that communication cannot be hacked.
• As of today I did not see refund of single cents, which was over charged.
• I was forced to call but that service is even worst as I called (international) more than 10 times with no luck and when I able to speak, your representative took more than 15 minutes to get my details. You can imagine cost of any international call and I’m sure I spend at least half of the cakes cost on calling you to get refund of unknown amount.
• With all these hassles mentioned above Canpar Express did another marvelous job and left the parcel outside directly in sun without bothering themselves either to call receiver or ring the doorbell. So you can imagine the delicacy and shape of cakes can’t be remaining when they were exposed to heat directly.

In short very bad experience with Hazelton’s and now I will look for another service provide in future.


Worst Experience Ever!

All rotten and smelly. Worst service and product, waste of money and time. Nothing as advertised or promised.

Incomplete order delivered even though paid extra

Order a cake with a stuffed toy for delivery as a surprise gift. The cake was delivered but the stuffed toy was missing even though I paid extra separately for the toy. As it was a gift for relatives in Canada, I couldn't have asked recipient to take pictures before opening- it was for kids obviously they just opened it to see what's inside. How else could anyone tell what was missing. On complaining Hazelton wanted pictures of the package as received as it was 'policy' and they couldn't do anything otherwise. Hazelton's sent it so they should take full responsibility and know what was dispatched and what wasn't like every other gift delivery service out there as I have used many around the world. So disappointed, money wasted and the kids didn't even get their toy.

Worst Experience Ever!

I ordered 3 items. The cake was all rotten and scrambled in the box and there was not any message on the cake. The flowers were not even fresh and have already changed their colors and smell.These both items went straight to the trash as it was not hygienic and against the FDA rules and regulations.
I have tried to complain on call (800-367-1890) but the customer care did not treat us well and ask us to send an email. We would like to have full refund on this order as it is not only about delivery but the product and service we received.

if I could give a ZERO that would be generous

What a Scam! Worst customer service I've ever had! So disgraceful how they steal peoples money. I bet this review gets deleted because it's not a good review, BUT Its the truth. Please prove me wrong and don't take this one review down and falsely alter the perception of their customer's reviews

Never Again!!!!

I will never order something again with this Company...


I chose the "Customize your basket option" and they replaced EVERYTHING I chose. I also PAID ADDITIONAL within the "customizing option" so I could get specific items and still everything was replaced. I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!!

A gift from my son

This was a really nice, relishable basket. The coolers were amazing, great for a chilled summer evening. The cookie too, if not extremely great, was fresh and good to taste. My son sent it to me for the mother's day and I would say it made a good present. Would recommend.

It made a lovely gift

The hamper turned out to be far better than I was expecting. The packaging was superb and the hamper looked very attractive. Mom loved the assortment and also was impressed with the quality of the stuff. For me, it was a perfect gift in every sense. Would love to shop more on this site. Thanks for this one.


Got this hamper as mother's day gift from my daughter. Though her taste is very different from that of mine, this time I loved her choice of gift. All the stuff in the hamper was equally great, whether it be flowers or wine or cupcakes. The cutting board that said "love you mom" was really sweet. Will certainly recommend.

Loved it

The hamper as was great as it looked here and the goodies were amazing. My twins got me this hamper from their pocket money savings and it was a brilliant gift. Much recommended.

Good service

The hamper reached us on time and everything in it was as expected. Thanks for the service; will recommend.

Mother's Day hamper

It was a nice assortment which was well presented and quite budget friendly. I ordered it for my stepmom and she appreciated it. She liked the raisin cookie a lot. A nice mother's day gift. Will recommend.

Wine and chocolate strawberries

Ordered it for a cousin as her promotion gift. She really loved it. The presentation of the strawberries basket was fantastic and it made a great pair with the wine in the hamper as these two always go great together. I would like to order one for myself as well. Recommended.