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Didn’t find a BroCrates that is as unique as the bro you’re gifting it to? Don’t worry because you’re right where you need to be! With our custom gifts for men, you can pick exactly what you want so that your BroCrates is nothing short of perfect for its recipient. You know them best, so give them exactly what they love by creating your own customized BroCrates gift crate. With BroCrates there are no limits! Get any of our impressive gift crates delivered across Canada for your convenience.



Whatever he is into, remember that we have it all! So, get ready to immerse yourself in our collection of mantastic treats as you go through our catalog. BroCrates’ Custom Gifts for Dad are just the thing you need for your hallelujah Hollaback moment! Remember to add in some reusable gifts when it comes to choosing your products!

Are you always in a fix when it comes to choosing gifts for your dad? Let your main dude know that he’s loved with BroCrates’ Custom Gifts for Dad. Pick and choose what your dad wants and create your own crate; it’s that simple! And best of all, you don’t even have to worry about packing it!

What’s better than a BroCrates that is already put together on our website? A BroCrates that’s filled with everything hand-picked by you! Create your own Customized Gift Crate with BroCrates with our wide range of liquors, gourmet foods and treats. With his swanky new treats and an attitude to match, we think your man is going to fall in love with you all over again!

That is right we give you the option to create your own customized BroCrates giving you the ultimate power of the Gods! - well, maybe not the gods, but the power to give that awesome dude in your life a wide assortment of booze and snacks all in one Customized Gift Crate.