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The Top 8 Beer Glasses to Complement Your Beer

August 14, 2018

We all have used the pint glass for pouring beer, as it is most often the go-to glass for serving any type of beer. While the pint glass is a good pint glass to serve beer in, it isn’t the perfect glass to serve all types of beer in. Each beer glass is designed to bring out the aroma and flavors of a particular style. A variety of beer glass styles allow hidden nuances of the beer to come through, as well as enhance the drinking experience.

So if you are new to the world of beer glassware, don’t be intimated. But here is a little help to enjoy that specialty beer you just bought and the appropriate glassware to accompany it.

American Pint

American Pint Glass

This is a standard 16-ounce beer glass with straight sides. There is a slight variation of this called a “nonic” that has a slight ridge near the top that allows for more substantial beer head. While the American Pint glass maybe a staple of most homes, it is not ideal for beer. The shape of the glass isn’t the best as it not only warms the beer up, but the shape of the glass loses the beer’s aromas.


goblet glass

These beer glasses were designed specifically to store the beer’s head. The glass has a long stem, and thinner glass for less body heat, while it has thick walls. These types of glasses are perfect for heavier beers, like Belgian ales or German Bocks. The wide opening helps the drinker analyze the overall flavor profile and aroma.


Pilsner Glass

This glass is perfect for drinkers to appreciate the colors and carbonation bubbles within their beer. They not only fun to drink out of but also help to enhance your ability to appreciate the true taste of your beer.


Snifter Glass

While this type of glass is normally used for cognac or brandy, this glass is also perfect for enriching the aromatics of beers. The unique shape of the glass is perfect for swirling your beer around, which stirs the volatiles and helps bring out the full aroma of your beer. This glass is normally reserved for beers with strong flavors and aromas.


Stange Glass

This glass is tall and slender and will generally hold around 6.5 ounces. This type of glass is generally reserved for delicate beers like the German Kolsch, to help intensify the flavors and the aromas.  One of the main benefits of this glass is that it has a firmer concentration of the important volatiles within the beer, allowing you to get a sense of its real flavor.


Tulip Glass for Beer

The design of this glass is designed to not only maintain the foam head, but helps to enhance the flavors and aromas of hoppy and malty brews.  The top rim curves outward, forming a lip that helps ensnare the foam head.

IPA Glass

IPA Glass

This glass enhances the taste and mouthful of an IPA, while maintaining a frothy head. Boosting aroma and flavor, this glass is best served with a very hoppy beer. Compare this glass to a shaker pint glass and see for yourself.

Oversized Wine Glass

Oversized Wine Glass Beer

It might sound a little shocking, but surprisingly an oversized wine glass is the perfect vessel for complex beers like Belgians. Similar to a goblet, as the shape allows for head space and the large bowl shape helps to contribute to the aroma, allowing the beers complexity to shine.