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August 17, 2018

This game season play host to your bros to watch your favourite team face-off. Up your game with a pre-planned gathering and invite your pals to show them a good time. Think this could be a lot of trouble? Well think again! At Brocrates, we break down the 5 essentials to hosting the perfect dame day party so that you can throw a bro-tastic party and have fun at it too!

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Do you live in a small condo or do you enjoy the luxury of having turned your basement into a full-sized man cave? No matter what your space looks like, it’s key that you invite only as many people as you think will fit comfortably within the space. You should always keep in mind that everyone has enough room to seat themselves in a way that the TV is visible to them without anything or anyone coming in their way. This is a non-negotiable. It’s game day after all!


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Beer may normally be considered the official drink of any game day party. However, at Brocrates we think that things are not quite simple as that. Make sure you have at least two varieties of beer, ranging from light to dark. Also, we know too well that no two bros are created equal. This is why you got make sure that your bar is well stocked up with at least two other liquor options as well. Vodka and whiskey are popular choices. Make sure you have enough ice and soda as well, because this way your pals can help themselves to the drinks of their choice, saving you from having to play bartender for the day.


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We know that 3 course meals and any kind of main course are far from the agenda when it comes game days. This is why our in-house experts think that it is a great idea to stock up on finger foods that can be passed around freely for the big day. Think dry foods like nuts and popcorn as well as semi-dry items like wings and cured meats. You also want to be sure you have more than enough food, which means aiming for a plate and a half per person. It’s a win-win if you over commit, because if not enough people eat, you have leftovers and that’s never a bad thing!


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So, you have thought through the menu and got your drinks in order, but let’s not forget the glue that holds this party together – the game! Take care to ensure well in advance that your cable is properly set up and that you have uninterrupted access to the channel the game is going to be aired on. A fun alternative to viewing it on a television screen would be to use a projector and view the whole game, life-sized. With a setup this cool, we are sure this could even turn into annual affair!


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No matter how much we love the game, merely watching it for an entire day might seem like a tedious task to a few. Chances are that not everyone is into it as you are as well. This is why it’s a good idea to always be well-prepared with some picks to keep your bros entertained through the day. A football squares grid with cash prizes can keep your crew engaged in the game. During game play, place friendly wagers on completions or points scored. Get creative with the stakes and bet on physical challenges like one-hand push ups and penalty burpees if your team misses touchdown. If this doesn't sound like you, you could throw in a conventional game of poker which is sure to get the adrenaline rushing!

If you’re too lazy to go out and shop, we suggest checking out our Sports Edition Gift Crates. With various selections to match the game of your choice, you are sure to find the on that’s just right for your game day party!




Author: Natasha Pradeep