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Having Fun on Halloween

October 27, 2020

This Halloween is likely to be pretty different from years past. Most of us probably won’t be attending parties, so that cool movie-quality Batman costume you were planning on wowing everyone with may have to wait for next year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy spooky season with your buddies. Here are some ideas about how to enjoy a non-traditional Halloween this year.  

Remote Halloween party

If you can’t attend (or host) a party in person to show off your costume, then you can at least show it off on Zoom. With a few friends, a few drinks and some cool costumes, you can recreate the vibe of a proper Halloween party remotely.


Elaborate costumes may not be worth the trouble this year, so you could try making the costumes themed. Lean in to the limitations by having the costumes only be head and shoulders, or make them specific to Zoom by incorporating unique backgrounds.

Synced activities

No matter if it’s beer, whiskey, or tequila, sharing drinks with some friends over Halloween is a tradition many of us don’t want to give up, even in a world of social distancing. Send some Halloween BroCrates to friends and share some snacks and drinks with your pals and connect virtually. You can even sync up a movie together on a streaming service like Netflix and enjoy it together. And hopefully you’ll be turning heads with that Batman costume next year.

Tricks and Treats

There may not be as many kids going door-to-door this year – and as adults we’re too old to participate in that hallowed Halloween tradition. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some treats during spooky season. With BroCrates’ collection of Halloween gift crates, you’re sure to find plenty of great treats, snacks, and alcohol to share with your friends and family. Send some to your friends and share and enjoy to your hearts’ content.

Halloween this year will be very different from past years, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves as much as we have in years past. We may be rocking our costumes at home on Zoom or Skype calls, but we can still indulge in the chills and thrills of the season with great friends, a good attitude and, of course, some great gift crates for guys courtesy of BroCrates.