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The Ultimate Black Label BroCrate

  • Anyone can huff and puff their way through a cigar, but it takes a true bro to smoke one correctly. This is where our Ultimate Black Label BroCrate comes in. Featuring Johnnie Walker Black Label, cigars, and more this is for one of the Don Draper's you know in your life and is the perfect gift for your boss or clients.

  • Whiskey - Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey: This whiskey is aged for 12 years, which not only mellows the aromas but makes for a smooth and genuine pleasure to have in your glass.

    Whiskey Rocks - Set of Whiskey Rocks: Perfect for keeping the glass of gin cold without having to worry about diluting the drink. They can keep that alcoholic beverage cold for several hours before they lose their cool.

    Decanter - Etched Whiskey Decanter: Complete your whiskey set with this beautifully etched decanter. The perfect way to display and serve your favorite bottle of whiskey.

    Glasses - Two Whiskey Glasses: These whiskey glasses are perfect for enjoying your favorite liquor on the rocks and designed to concentrate the aromas and flavors of your whiskey.

    Cigars - Two medium sized cigars, perfect for enjoying with a nice bottle of whiskey.

    Peanut Brittle - The Ultimate Brittle Company Peanut Brittle: A traditional brittle infused with the wonderful whiskey flavor mixed with pecans. Handmade in our kitchen with the most exquisite ingredients, this brittle is guaranteed to be a delightful snack.

    BroCrate Our wooden crates make for the perfect gifts for men and can be reused or re-purposed throughout the house as furniture and fixtures.

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