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Father's Day Chocolate & Cold Ones Combo Pack

  • Looking for a knockout gift set for Dad with a classic combo of snacky flavors? Look no further than the Father's Day Chocolate & Cold Ones Combo Pack. After all, does it really get better than chocolate and beer? The only correct answer is no. This killer gift set features 2 crispy cold boys of your choosing, a bar of chunky dark chocolate, and a cute heart shaped cookie as the cherry on top! Make Dad's Father's Day great with this deliciously simple collection.

  • 2 Craft Beers: Treat your gift recipient to a taste of locally sourced Craft Beer featuring favourite flavors, and each with its own unique style and history.

    "DAD" Blue Heart Cookie: Wish Dad a happy Father's Day with this heart-shaped "DAD" cookie that looks good enough to eat!

    Bamboo Beer Bottle Wall Opener: This beer bottle opener is made of bamboo. Its beer shape presents the beer theme and performs well as a wall mounted beer bottle opener.

    Bruges Dark Chocolate Bar: Made with high-quality ingredients. Boasting a smooth texture and refined flavor in every bite, this is the perfect sweet accompaniment to your favorite wine.

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