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Coffee & Cream Gift Crate

  • Coffee & Cream Gift Crate features everything you need to start your St. Patrick’s Day off right, with coffee, Bailey’s cream, a coffee mug, and cookies. This gift crate is sure to get your St. Patrick’s day off to a great start. This gift is also perfect for those “Hair of the Dog” remedies to help with that wicked hangover.

  • Liqueur- Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur: Easy and delicious Baileys cocktails for you to make and impress your friends. From a creamy white russian, to an exciting espresso martini and a festive eggnog, there is a Baileys cocktail for every occasion.

    Coffee- Magnificent Bastard Fair Trade Coffee Rascal: Strong, stunning, magnificent. This fair trade coffee is bold yet smooth, and will become a caffeine fiend's new best friend after a single sip.

    Mug- Suited Up Coffee Mug: This BroCrate includes a delightful coffee mug, perfect for enjoying a warm drink on a cool morning.

    Cookies- Moravian Chocolate Cookies: Their bakers start with pure, simple ingredients such as whole eggs and finely milled wheat flour. Then, they melt down rich semisweet chocolate, pour it into the batter, and add premium cocoa powder for a well-rounded flavor that’s intensely chocolaty with just the right amount of sweet.

    BroCrate -Our wooden crates make for the perfect gifts for men and can be reused or repurposed throughout the house as furniture and fixtures.

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