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Chocolate & Spirits Gift Box for Two

  • For someone who appreciates sharing a drink with someone special, the Chocolate & Spirits Gift Box for Two from BroCrates is perfect for enjoying any time they want to indulge. There is a bottle of liquor, bar of dark chocolate, two snifter glasses, and a wooden gift box for presentation and storage. Of course, if you wish, you can add on your choice of wine, beer, champagne, gourmet snacks, and more from our custom options.

  • Liquor- Bottle of Liquor : This gift set includes a bottle of premium liquor. This bottle of liquor may be upgraded to any of the liquors from our extensive collection of alcohols from around the world, including several upgrade options that are available at zero additional cost. Additional bottles of wine, champagne, liquor or beer may be added as well to make this great liquor gift even better.

    Glasses  - 2 Astana (Snifter) Glass Cups : For enjoying the aromas of fine spirits, the Astana snifter glass has a short stem and a wide bowl. The modern decorations on the bowl for a pleasant feel in the hand and a stunning appearance.

    Chocolate - Boss Dark Chocolate Envelope Bar - 100g : For dark chocolate lovers, BOSS has the 50% cacao dark chocolate bar that will satisfy all your bittersweet cravings.100g

    Box - Hollyberry Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate Bomb : This Hollyberry Hot Chocolate Bomb is a flavourful explosion of gourmet chocolatey goodness! It releases gourmet hot chocolate once your go-to hot beverage is poured over the shell.

    Chocolate - Wooden Decanter Box : This durable wooden decanter box holds a bottle of wine or whiskey, and has space for two glasses! It makes for beautiful décor or storage.

What Is Included in this Liquor Gift Basket?

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Elisa Mendoza
good experience

the best gift for creating unforgettable memories.

Tommie Hodges
best gift

Sip and savour in style! A luxurious treat for the perfect pairing.

Rosalie Carr
Happy Moment

So easy to order. My bottle showed up safe and sound. I'll be ordering this box from you again. Thanks!

Maria Perkins
fantastic gift

A delightful indulgence for two! Chocolate & Spirits Gift Box for Two - the perfect gift for sharing cherished moments.

Robyn Lambert
true delight

Love the taste of this liquor. when I purchased this last year, one for myself and one as a gift, the price was outstanding and very affordable. I would buy it again.