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Aviation Wine Gift Crate

  • There’s nothing more stylish than serving up a nice bottle of wine with this stylish Aviation Wine Gift Crate that features a wine holder, cheese, knife, cutting board, wine, and wine glasses. This is the perfect Gift Crate to surprise your friends or family with. This is also a great gift to buy for a housewarming or if one of your bro’s is hosting an event.

  • WineCombining classic style and structure with the supple charm of ripe fruit, this wine pairs well with rich meat dishes.

    Two Wine Glasses - Set of Two Wine Glasses: These beautiful stemmed wine glasses are perfect for sipping wine and enjoying a nice pairing of cheese.

    Cheese -Wine Soaked Cheese: Soaked in wine from Palatine Hill Estate, this Canadian cheese is a unique and delicious experience, making it the perfect addition to any collection of gourmet cheeses.

    Cutting Board - This Cheese knife and cutting board set is the perfect pairing and will ensure you are ready for snack time, anytime!

    Wine Holder - The Wine Holder: Perfect for the toolman who loves wine.

    BroCrate- Our wooden crates make for the perfect gifts for men and can be reused or re-purposed throughout the house as furniture and fixtures.

What's Included in My BroCrates' Wine Gift Crate?

This wine gift basket includes a bottle of Palantine Hills Lakeshore Red, a very popular Red Wine from Italy. The included bottle of wine may be upgraded to any of the wines from our extensive collection, including several upgrade options at zero additional cost. Additional bottles of wine, champagne, liquor or beer may be added as well to make this great gift even better. 

Customer Reviews

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Not recommended

I have placed an order and paid for the 3 days shipping method. The order was not shipped until 19 days after the order was placed. I have contacted them through online chats, emails, calls and Instagram and there was no response or just auto generated replies blanking the courier when the item wasn’t even shipped. The courier shipped the item within the 3/4 days time frame there was no fault of the courier what so ever!
extremely poor, would not recommend this website at all.

Wrong order sent, no response from Brocrates

Regret ordering.
Shipment was sent late, wrong order sent, no possible way to reach anyone via phone, and no response to 3 emails requesting assistance.

No customer service

Been trying to track down my other order and why it hasn’t shipped and haven’t had a response at all. A bit frustrating.


Aviation Wine Gift Crate

Nice but missing items

Crate showed up in a timely manner with most of the items that were described. Most disappointed that it was missing the wine bottle holder but overall nice gift.