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How to Reuse or Re-purpose Your BroCrate

December 09, 2015

Our BroCrates are perfect for re-purposing for items throughout the house. You can use them for many things, from furniture to storage and more. Below, we’ve gathered up some ideas to reuse or re-purpose your BroCrate. After you have opened it, you can use some of our ideas to turn it into functional pieces of furniture and fixtures around your home. From some creative storage options to rustic furniture, go ahead get crafty!


Night Stands

 BroCrate Night Stand

Creating a nightstand with your BroCrate can be as simple as turning it on it’s side. Keep your reading materials below and place a lamp, clock, and phone on the top of the crate.


Toy Box

Toy Storage BroCrate

This is the perfect idea for anyone with kids or pets. Our BroCrates are the perfect way to keep kid and pet toys in one place and hidden from potentially causing any tripping hazards.


Hanging Wall Shelf

 BroCrate Re-purposed

A new spin on displaying your trinkets, this DIY project will help to display some of your items beautifully.



Bookshelf BroCrate

By easily stacking some of your BroCrates you can help to form a simple shelving unit. This is a quick addition to your room and helps with any of your storage needs.



BroCrates Cabinet

Mount our BroCrates to your wall and you are instantly adding a cabinet.



BroCrates Planter Crate

Don’t have enough garden space in your place? Not to worry, our crates make for ideal planters. Plants with shallow roots, like salad greens, work the best for planting.


Basket for Your Bike

BroCrate Bike Basket

Heading to the store or market? Bring your groceries home with you with our BroCrate. Simply attach it to the back of your bike and you are ready for your next grocery run.


Mini Bar

BroCrate Mini Bar

Don’t have enough space in your place for a bar? Not to worry, once you have finished all the goodies in your BroCrate, why not stash some of your bar supplies in it?


Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed BroCrate

Why not add some extra height and stability when it comes to breakfast in bed? Bring your breakfast in bed with you with our BroCrates and use it as the perfect tray to hold your coffee and breakfast meal.


End Table

BroCrate End Table

Have two or more BroCrates laying around and not sure what to use them for? Why not stack them on each other and have a place to put your remote in the top crate, as well as your computer and other things laying around your living room.

Have any other cool ideas? Let us know on social and we'll be sure to check them out!