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Ultimate Fiesta BroCrate

  • The Ultimate Fiesta BroCrate is a party in a crate and features everything you need to start your own fiesta. The Ultimate Fiesta BroCrate comes with a hat, Corona beer, shot glasses, tequila, salsa, and much more! This the perfect gift for celebrating Cinco De Mayo.

  • Hat- Corona Branded Hat: The perfect hat with which to sit back under the summer sun and enjoy a crisp cold beer. This Corona-branded cap is perfect for any Corona fan.

    Beer- Six Bottles of Corona: Corona is a staple of summer, and for good reason, it’s lightly crisp and refreshing.

    Tequila - Sauza Gold Tequila: Made using the finest, fresh blue agave at the storied La Perseverancia distillery with dry and smooth flavors to finish.

    Shot Glasses - 4 Corona 16 oz Glasses - These shot glasses are embellished with the classic Corona logo making any party more enjoyable.

    Chips - Los Cantores Lime Chips: Crafted from a family recipe passed down for generations, these crispy tortilla chips are delicious with the spiciest salsas. An authentic addition to Mexican dishes or a crunchy, salty anytime snack, they're a tasty pantry staple.

    Salsa - Casa De Salsa: Spiced and seasoned to perfection, this classic style salsa has a bit of a kick. Let this salsa take your next burrito, nacho plate, or fajita to the next level.

    Bowls - 3 Dipping Bowls: Three dipping bowls are perfect for hosting your next event and perfect for salsa, chips, and dip.

    BroCrate - Our wooden crates make for the perfect gifts for men and can be reused or re-purposed throughout the house as furniture and fixtures.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Was a wonderful gift

Got it from a friend as a farewell gift. Corona is my all time favorite and especially on a hot summer day, it makes a great drink with its breezy flavor and fantastic aroma. The lime flavored tortilla added an amazing touch to the whole thing and complemented the beer. Would love this hamper anytime.

Enjoyed it

I am a first timer here and happy with the product and service from these guys. The assortment was really good and refreshing. Would like to try more.

It was a great buy

Got this for my husband and he gave it a big thumbs up. The hamper was a handsome one and made it to us on the expected day. My taste in beers is a bit different so my husband had this hamper all to himself and was quite happy about it. The experience of making the purchase on this site was a great one. Would recommend it to friends.