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Tic Tac Toe Vodka Set

  • This Tic Tac Toe Vodka Set is perfect for getting your pre-drink on. The Tic Tac Toe Vodka Set features a glass tic tac toe board and a bottle of vodka, the perfect gift for a bachelor party! Looking to add additional items? Not to worry, we’re happy to add food, drinks, or snacks to this BroCrate, all you have to do is select which items you would like to add.

  • Tic Tac Toe Shot Glasses - Shot Glass: includes one board and nine glasses, a great way to play tic tac toe against one of your friends.

    Vodka - Chopin Potato Vodka: Clear and colorless; light citrus aromas with subtle herbal almost floral notes and is 40% Alcohol.

    BroCrate Our wooden crates make for the perfect gifts for men and can be reused or repurposed throughout the house as furniture and fixtures.

What Is Included in this Liquor Gift Basket?

Customer Reviews

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Classic and ultimate

I got this for my brother and it was a hell of a beautiful hamper. The vodka was brilliant and the tiny shot glasses looked adorable. The tic tac toe board and glasses surely make it a fun gift. Totally happy with this purchase.


A friend of mine sent this for Christmas and I found it amazing. A great thing to enjoy with your buddies. Recommended.

A brilliant hamper

Though a bit pricey, I found the hamper to be absolutely fabulous. The vodka was great on its own and mixed well with other blends as well. It was smooth and light with no major burns or hangovers whatsoever. The little glasses were just perfect to make those perfect shots. It was worth every buck and I am sure it would make an amazing gift. Very much recommended.

This really was a great idea

The hamper was fantastic and my boyfriend was impressed with my choice and the quality of the hamper. I majorly ordered it as the assortment looked attractive and a little of research told me that Chopin is quite a popular and preferred vodka. It met all the expectations and service was good. Going it order it again soon.