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Thanksgiving Beer & Snacks BroCrate

  • Feeling blessed for having an amazing guy, boyfriend or family member in your life? This Thanksgiving Beer & Snacks BroCrate is the perfect gift to show them how appreciative you are of them. Say thanks with this BroCrate featuring cupcakes, six bottles of beer, salsa mix, chocolates, nuts and more. Also included in this gift crate is a rustic wooden beer carrier that is equipped with its own bottle opener, as well as a serving board. As family and friends gather for the best feast of the year, this is the perfect gift for them this Thanksgiving.

  • What is included in this BroCrate?

    BroCrate:Our wooden crates make for the perfect gifts for men and can be reused or re-purposed throughout the house as furniture and fixtures.

    Vanilla Cupcakes:These soft and fluffy cupcakes are a true delight and a dream come true. Each bite of our Vanilla Cupcake With Vanilla Frosting is tender and delicious and are the perfect treat for dessert

    Brocrate Onion Garlic Chipnuts:Our Onion and Garlic Chipnuts are delicious! Peanuts covered in an Onion and Garlic flavoured coating. This is one unique, crunchy, irresistible snack you will be reaching for every day!

    Stonewall Kitchen Yellow Tortilla Chips:Made from some of nature's finest, golden yellow corn, these authentic Tortilla Chips are the best you've ever tasted. Crunchy and full flavored with just the right amount of sea salt, you may not want to wait and just eat them right out of the bag. Try them with our delicious salsas and dips for an exceptionally satisfying treat.

    Great Canadian Meat Beef Jerky Southern BBQ:These strips of barbeque jerky are small, and they are sliced to a medium thickness. The texture is more on the dry side, and it requires a reasonable amount of effort to chew. The aroma is fragrant and inviting. There are no visible signs of fat, and handling this jerky leaves no oily residue on your fingers. The first flavors detected are mild to moderate levels of saltiness and sweetness. A juicy taste from the apple juice is noticeable, and it complements the overall flavor profile nicely.

    Stonewall Kitchen Black Bean Salsa:Our Black Bean Salsa gives this classic Southwestern specialty a Northeast twist. It is a zesty salsa with delicious flavor combinations that will enhance burritos or quesadillas, add excitement to grilled fish or chicken and is wonderful served simply with tortilla chips.

    Brocrate BBQ Sauce Ole' Smokehouse Moppin Sauce:When mopped onto the smoking meat, this thin liquid adds flavor and prevents dryness. One taste and you'll come back for more!

    Wooden Beer Carrier with Bottle Opener:Wooden Beer Carrier with Bottle Opener & Removable Inserts.  Perfect for carrying your beverages or utensils to a picnic, party or tailgate. Features a built in bottle opener for beer or soda. Classy carrier for transporting or displaying beverages and a great conversation piece.

    Neuhaus Tablet Milk Chocolate Crème Brulee:Discover the new Neuhaus chocolate tablet collection: filled with delight, crafted with care by our Maîtres Chocolatiers with UTZ certified sustainable chocolate and premium non-GMO ingredients.This tablet features features milk chocolate with Crème Brûlée.

    Craft Beer Bottles x6:Canadian Craft Beer - Treat your gift recipient to a taste of Canada's Craft Beer featuring favourite flavours, and each with its own unique style and history.

Featured In This BroCrates Beer Gift