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Popcorn & Coke Gift Crate

  • The Popcorn & Coke Gift Crate is perfect those lazy nights, were all you want to do is stay inside and watch TV, you really don’t care what is on. The Popcorn & Coke Gift Crate features everything you need to stay in for a silent night and just play a movie with your boyfriend, husband or significant other and features coke, popcorn, glasses and popcorn dish. 

  • Glass- Two Coke Glass: Enjoy your favorite soda in style with this Coca Cola branded drinking glass.

    Cola- Six Bottles of Coca Cola: This gift set is presented with two bottles of Coca Cola. This classic soft drink brand has been refining their delightful recipe since 1886, creating a bold, sweet, and delicious product that is beloved the world over.

    Popcorn - Spudniks Maple Corn Popcorn:  Flavored popcorn is one of the most satisfying snack foods there is, and Spudniks makes it oh so convenient. Each batch is carefully prepared ensuring that every kernel is popped to perfection, and guaranteed to delight

    Dish- Popcorn Bowl: Enjoy your favorite popcorn in this fun and attractive bowl, perfect for sharing with family and friends.

    BroCrate -Our wooden crates make for the perfect gifts for men and can be reused or re-purposed throughout the house as furniture and fixtures.

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Customer Reviews

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Ordered for delivery on a certain date, paid more for it and even ordered a cake extra with the package. Didn't turn up on time, was late by 2 weeks and the cake wasn't even in the crate.

Not what I ordered!!!

I ordered the Popcorn & Coke Gift CRATE!! What I got was the contents that were “supposed” to be IN THE CRATE in a baby bassinet basket. The gift was for a man and it was awkward to give him a gift in a basket that looked like a baby’s bassinet. I tried contacting customer support, but, they NEVER responded to my inquiry. Thus, the gift was a total BOMB!!!

Popcorn & Coke Gift Crate

Do NOT order from this company! I ordered the “popcorn and coke gift crate” for my brother for Christmas and it did not come as advertised. First, it was not in a crate, it was in a basket. Second, the replaced the popcorn with a small bag of pretzels. Third, it was supposed to come with a bowl and it did not.
I called them twice and both times I was disconnected after 4 minutes of being on hold. I then tried to “live chat” with them through their website and I never received a response. Finally, I emailed them and within 1 minute of pressing send I received a response that my email had been “blocked” by the company.
I’d say we were scammed, but we received product. So this is simply a terrible company that does not give you what is described on their website. Do yourselves a favor and avoid ordering from them.


Popcorn & Coke Gift Crate

I didn’t order this

I ordered a crate on Valentines Day for my boyfriend and they sent him a pretty pathetic box. I ordered chocolate covered strawberries and they sent bruised whole apple and pear. There was a small bag of popcorn. Sadly the only part that my boyfriend liked was opening the crate. Pretty disappointed. I reached out to them about this and they said it was part of their policy that they could replace items in the crates without notifying the customer. They were not very friendly, helpful or remorseful. Now fast forward to September...I got an email saying my order has been sent..? I better not be getting charged for a second box I didn’t order. I really question the authenticity of this company. Proceed with caution. I highly suggest NOT ordering from this company.