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  • Guinness lovers know that no other beer is quite like Guinness. This Guinness Lover's BroCrate is packed with all the fixings a true Guinness fan could ask for -- treats, novelties, and of course, Guinness beer, lots of it! Treat your Dad, Bro or special someone in your life to some fun this Father’s Day or any other special event or occasion!

  • Including in this Beer Gift Basket:

    Beer - 9 Guinness Extra Stout is based on a beer first brewed in 1821. It has a crisp and sharp flavour that is very different from classic Guinness Draught, but is equally delicious. A smooth drinking beer with some bite, and dry finish. It is a 5% Alcohol.

    Glass and Pewter Stein - This beautiful stein features a classy pewter logo, and is sure to be the vessel of choice for any Guinness fan.

    Chocolate - Guinness Luxury Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar 90g. A creamy white ganache flavoured with the taste of Guinness beer, complemented by an intense dark chocolate shell that is made with high quality cocoa beans.

    Fudge - Guinness Luxury Fudge 120g. This fudge is a soft candy, infused with the delicious taste of Guinness.

    2 Coasters - Put your favorite Guinness beer on one of our Guinness Cork- Backed Coasters. These coaster is perfect for any home!

    Beer Cozy - The Guinness Drink Cooler is a definite must-have for keeping beers cold. This cozy is stylishly designed to snugly fit your Guinness beer.

    Fridge Magnet and Bottle Opener - Open your favorite Guinness beer with this Guinness Bottle Opener. With the iconic design of everyone's favourite beer bottle, the magnetic backing allows it to be kept handy and at the ready on your refrigerator.

    Wooden Barrel Puzzle - The Guinness Puzzle is made from 12 hardwood puzzle pieces and is shaped like a barrel of Guinness.

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