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Football Tailgate Party BroCrate For Dad

  • Looking for a unique gift for the dad that loves to watch football and have a tailgate party? BroCrates has the perfect gift for dad this Father's Day, complete with everything he needs for a tailgate party. Tailgating will never be the same again with theFootball Tailgate Party BroCrate For Dad.

  • Chips - Hardbite Handcrafted-Style Chips: A delicious snack with no artificial ingredients. Handcrafted, gluten-free, made with no cholesterol and no trans fats.

    Popcorn - Spudniks Popcorn:Flavoured popcorn is one of the most satisfying snack foods there is, and Spudniks makes it oh so convenient. Each batch is carefully prepared to ensure that every kernel is popped to perfection, and guaranteed to delight.

    Beer - Six Miller Genuine Draft: Light citrus and malt aromas; light in body with a creamy palate and a clean, refreshing finish.

    Mustard - Mrs. McGarrigle’s British Beer Mustard: Dark British beer and coarse grains give this mustard a distinctly sharp flavour and a deliciously thick consistency!

    Salami - Wagner’s Pepper Salami: This classic salami coated in peppercorns is a true feast for the senses. Pairs perfectly with creamy cheeses, red wines, and heavy white wines.

    Chocolate - Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds: Fresh roasted whole California almonds layered in a premium milk chocolate with a hint of sea salt.

    Cheese - Cows Creamer Appletree Smoked Cheddar: This cheese is naturally smoked over an 8 hour period. During this time, it is wrapped with natural appletree smoke that produces a mouth-wateringly full, smoky flavour that beautifully compliments our award winning 2-year-old cheddar.

    Cutting Board - Football Cutting Board:This Football cutting board is distinctively attractive and super strong! It offers a festive design and an engrain inlay. It's durable; made of sturdy bamboo.

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