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Dockside Companion BroCrate

  • The Dockside Companion BroCrate is perfect for those days at the cottage where you just want to lay in the sun, snack, and sip on a beer. Enjoy the amazing gifts in your Dockside Companion BroCrate at the cottage, lake, beach or even in the comfort of your home and is perfect for any event during the summer.

  • Beer- 6 Bottles Of Grolsch Beer: Grolsch is a Euro Pale Lager style beer and triple cold filtered for a fresh hoppy character.

    Chips - Los Cantores Ancient Grains Tortilla Chips:Crafted from a family recipe passed down for generations, these crispy tortilla chips are delicious with the spiciest salsas. An authentic addition to Mexican dishes or a crunchy, salty anytime snack, they're a tasty pantry staple.

    Mugs -  Set of 2 Clear Mugs, perfect for sipping that freshly poured beer on a warm summer day.

    Towel - Nautical Towel: This nautical themed towel is perfect for your trips to the cottage, beach or pool and is super soft.

    BroCrate - Our wooden crates make for the perfect gifts for men and can be reused or re-purposed throughout the house as furniture and fixtures.

    IMPORTANT NOTE! Mini Muskoka Chair is for display purposes only, as it is NOT INCLUDED!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
useful gift

Thank You for your service. I bought the brocrate for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it. And even commented how well the presentation and packing was. Thank You!

great services

I purchased this gift for a long-time friend for his birthday. He was thrilled with the gift and loved the assortment of beers and snacks. It was worth the $'s and the beer and added snacks plus the way it was packed was great. The only thing I didn't like is it arrived a day earlier than requested. I would order this again for other friends. Thank you

highly recommended

I purchased this for my brothers that happened to both be retiring. Both seemed pleased with the product as both like beer. They haven't tried the snacks at this point so I can't comment on that. It arrived in very good condition and on the date ordered. I was told the beers and contents were well wrapped for protection and attractively decorated. Happy I ordered them!

beautiful gift!!

I sent this as a Happy 21st Birthday to our son in college. He absolutely LOVED it. He said the beer was amazing, all the snacks were most enjoyable and the different beers were great. He's not a big drinker but he certainly enjoyed the crate and all his friends are envious that his mom is so cool. I bought this crate to send to my brother-in-law when his mother passed away. He's not the "flowers" kind of guy and I wanted to send something that told him we were really thinking of him. It was perfect! He was shocked beer could be shipped but was thrilled to receive a crate that he could really enjoy! I have no doubt my money was well spent and the items were consumed vs being thrown in the trash!

love the brocrate

I bought this for a friend going through a rough time. Flowers don't really fit to lift the spirits of a man. This crate was perfect I had gotten for the beer portion, however the recipient called and told me this was the best chips/beer he had ever gotten. Icing on the cake was the brocrate which he will be using again around the house!!