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    Tired of the same old beer? Ready to try something new? Then you’re right where you wanna be. Lead your taste buds into the unknown and the unexplored with BroCrates' Craft Beer of the Month Club subscriptions. Your new favorite beer is out there somewhere, and our craft beer subscriptions offer you the exciting opportunity to explore a variety of new and unique beers from microbreweries, every month.With your choice of 4, 6, 12, or 24 Craft Beers, you’ll receive a variety of beer (ranging from 300ml to 650ml per bottle) sourced directly from the microbreweries. The beers included in the Craft Beer of the Month Club subscriptions are hard-to-find treasures, artfully crafted in small batches, and can only be acquired directly from the brewery (or, we’ll save you the trouble, through this package right here). The Craft Beer of the Month Club Subscription is perfect for discovering new brands and expanding your beer tasting horizons, or the horizons of the beer lover in your life, with one set for you and one set for them.

    Customers receive free shipping on their first month’s subscription shipment.  Future shipments will be subject to shipping fees if the value of each shipment is less than $100. *Additional Surcharges may apply.

  • Included In Your Subscription:

    Craft Beers: Each shipment of BroCrates' Craft Beer of the Month Club subscriptions will include rare and hard-to-find craft beers from breweries around North America.

    Handy Info Cards: Each Craft Beer of the Month Club Subscription package includes handy cards with information regarding the beer, the brewery, tasting notes, and even a recommended song pairing. These cards are designed to be collected and cataloged so you can keep track of newly expanded collection and particular favorites.

    Greeting Card: If the Craft Beer of the Month Club Subscription is sent as a gift, BroCrates will add a personalized greeting card as a free bonus. Select the type of card you want to be included below, and write the card’s internal message on the checkout page.

  • Shipping and Delivery

    The Craft Beer of the Month Club subscription packages shipped the first Monday of your subscription. For example, for a monthly order, they will be shipped on the first Monday of the month. For a semi-monthly subscription, they will be shipped in two-week intervals, always on the MondayThis is to ensure you consistently get your package on time, making each month’s offering a delightful surprise. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our friendly customer service representatives. They’ll be more than happy to help. For information regarding the cancellation of a subscription, please visit our “contact us” page.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
DO NOT BUY! Items NOT as described and NO customer service response

To preface this I want to say that this is the first negative review I have ever left. Period. I was so excited for this gift as I think it is a really fun idea! But I have to say I am VERY disappointed in this first box.

I ordered a 6 month subscription to their 4 beer, beer of the month club. The description on the Brocrates website said that it was supposed to come with “rare hard to find craft beers from breweries around North America… The beers included in the Craft Beer of the Month Club subscriptions are hard-to-find treasures, artfully crafted in small batches, and can only be acquired directly from the brewery..” BUT what he received was 4 bottles of Mill Street Original Organic Lager, which we can buy at our local liquor store and is not at all a rare craft beer. This gift was also supposed to come with information about the beer, brewery and tasting notes, and even a song pairing, but NONE of those were included. All he got was the beer in a crate and my happy birthday note on cheap printer paper. Nothing more. Also I was disappointed that this shipment contained four of the same beers, this may have been my mistake, but in reading the BroCrates website I got the impression that they would be four separate craft beers.

I reached out three times to ALL of their customer service emails as I did not just want to write a negative review without giving them a chance to respond. Their website says they will respond within 24-48 hours. I gave them over a week and have heard nothing. I would like to cancel this subscription as I did not receive what I ordered. I am a student and do not have a lot of money, but I splurged for this beer subscription because I thought this would be a very nice surprise for my boyfriend every month. I will keep trying to reach them. I will revise my review if they ever do reach out.

If you are thinking about buying - DO NOT.


I ordered for my husband for Christmas. I’m still waiting for delivery. Customer service is unreachable by phone or email. Absolute scam.


Ordered this for my husband for Christmas, Over a month and a half in advance and it arrived well after Christmas. Beers were not an experience at all, but a basic local brewery. Not only that, I know for a fact the brewery sells many types of beers and we were given 3 different beers only. 4 of the same IPA which was undrinkable. To top it all off, customer service never returned my calls or emails when I left numerous messages inquiring about the status of my order.

Late and Zero Customer Service Response

I ordered on November 13 and didn't get the order until December 29. Despite numerous requests for customer service follow-up I received NONE.


I ordered a crate for my husband for Christmas. I placed the order at the beginning of November and it was to be delivered on December 21. I still have not received the crate and the tracking just says it’s at the sort facility. It hasn’t been updated since the 23 when it arrived at the facility, 2 days after it was to be delivered. I ordered the 6 month subscription which I am really regretting. There is no customer service at brocrates or canpar, I have repeatedly emailed and called both. Stay away from this company, I believe it’s a scam.